in home worship

During this time of restrictions against gathering together, we’ll post the in-home worship bulletins and sermons here.

Some of our values around worship in this time:
– We can worship at home together with the church universal, even as we are apart
– We have access to the heavenly Father through Christ by the Holy Spirit, no matter where we find ourselves
– We can honor God and renew the ‘covenant of grace’ with God weekly, as well as daily.
– In the absence of the Church as the Body of Christ gathered, we lament this loss and look forward to the time of being together again

Sunday Worship, May 30th, 2020

Here are resources from last week:

And send me your projects or learnings.

  • Some folks shared that they had been watching birds- seeing different kinds including cardinals, hummingbirds, robins, red wing black birds, grosbeak.
  • Several folks are starting gardens (or continuing!)
  • watching the sunrise and sunset