Sharing our Building

As a church we want to be a blessing by offering our building to be used for community, family and social events.

Our vision statement for our buildings:
Recognizing that everything we have is through the grace of God, it is a mission of this church to graciously share our facility with anyone who intends to use it for purposes that fall within our core Christian values of Fellowship, Discipleship, Stewardship, Lordship, Worship and Leadership.

Whether it is for a meeting for clubs and groups or a social event like a birthday party- we want our space to be a gathering place. We value community and relationships because these reflect and participate with God- and we hope our building can help nurture that for you.

If you would like to use the building follow these steps:

  1. CHECK the date. The calendar hanging in the Fellowship Hall includes all the events in the building. We’ll need to coordinate to see if your desired time is available.
  2. SUBMIT the request form.
    1. Download and fill out the Building Use Form (72 kb PDF). There are also copies in the Hall. Return it to us- by email, post, or drop it off in the box in the Fellowship Hall
    2. NEW! Submit request online here.
  3. You will receive a confirmation call or email letting you know that you have the requested time. Do not presume the time is free. (We don’t want your party invitations to be wrong- it’s happened!)
  4. For social functions like birthdays and showers we request that you meet  us sometime before the event so that you have everything you need and and learn how to leave the building.
Email us if you have any questions

Alert! Alert!
This calander is for reference only! The master calendar is in the Fellowship Hall.