Sacraments Sunday

On March 5th and 26th  we are trying something new: Sacraments Sunday. It will be a hands-on workshop to learn and explore what the Lord’s Supper and Baptism are about. It is aimed at PreK-6th grade.

We encourage families and caregivers to attend with their students. This is to help them with the activities. But more importantly these times are designed to help parents and caregivers continue educating and training kids at home. There will be resources available to take home as well.

The Lord’s Supper day will include bread making, stories from Scripture, activities,  and a demonstration on the how & why we celebrate together. It’ll wrap up with a time for students to talk about what they are learning with their parents/ caregivers. Afterward, worship will begin at 11 where we  celebrate the Lord’s Supper together.

The Baptism day includes ‘walking through the Red Sea,’ an activity station and a demonstration of what baptism means and how we do it- no bathing suits required!

We hope you join us!