August 2022 News & Updates

Hannaford Supermarkets is donating $1 to the Food Pantry of each reusable shopping bag purchased ($2.50) at the Esperance store during the month of August. So if Hannaford is your store and you need a reusable bag, buying one will benefit food pantries in the area, including ours. 

Worship Committee meeting: August 25th

Middleburgh 4th Fridays sponsored by the businesses, August 26th. Mary Lou Ryan will be setting up a table for OCC. 

Summary of Consistory meeting on August 11th: 

  • Accepted the resignations of Jonathan Meredith and Maria Funiciello as Elders. We thank them for their time and service. 
  • Trash & Treasure Sale raised $1273; $1,000 will support purchasing gifts for our OCC packing party and $273 for local mission
  • The building will continue to be locked when no one is here. If you need regular access, key fobs are available.
  • Youth Christian Education is evaluating the needs for this Fall. 
  • Fellowship: Potluck after worship is scheduled for September 25th

July Financial Update
Plate Receipts: $5,205
   Total Income: $7,153
  Expenses: $8,276.87

Sign up for weekly reminders and prayer requests at the website:

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The Benevolence Fund is available to help with material needs. If you have a need or know of a need, contact a Deacon. 

The Middleburgh Ecumenical Food Pantry is open Saturdays 9-11 a.m. and by appointment, 518-827-7121. 

News from Operation Christmas Child

Mwita’s Story

Mwita lives in Tanzania.  After his parents divorced, he was sent first to live with his grandmother and then an aunt. He rebelled against his family’s rules and began living on the street. He became a gang member and thief.  He also beat up other children.  One day he was kidnapped and taken into the forest where he was abandoned.  He began looking for help and found a church where he spent the night.  The next day was a Sunday, and the children were asked to remain after the service for a special program.  Tired from his ordeal and having no place to go, he stayed.  That day Mwita received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox and learned that Jesus wanted to be his friend! “When they talked about the Wonderful Friend I thought about how all my old friends had changed my life in a bad way,” Mwita said.  He wondered if Jesus could change his life in a good way.  Mwita decided to join The Greatest Journey classes to see if that could really be true.  “I learned that there is no better friend than Jesus.  After understanding this, I started changing.” Mwita never really knew his earthly parents, but today he knows he belongs to God’s family.  For the first time in his life, he is experiencing hope and peace.  He says “I want other orphans to find their hope in God.”  Now he leads children at his church, and God has given him a heart for other children like him.

School Supply Pledges

Summer is the best time to purchase school supplies to go in our shoeboxes.  There are pledge sheets in the foyer where you may indicate what you will purchase.  The simple school supplies we send make it possible for some children to attend school!

2022 Harvest Bazaar

Save the date of September 17 to serve with your church family to raise funds for the $10 donation to send our shoeboxes and the Good News to children around the world!  Here are some ways to be involved:

  • Donate “like new” holiday decorations, home décor, or collectibles.
  • Donate a basket of gifts or a gift certificate for the Basket Raffle.
  • Volunteer to be a part of setting up, running the bazaar, or cleaning up.
  • Provide soup or cookie bars for the Harvest Café.

Please see Mary Lou if you have questions or want to volunteer to serve.

Thank you for supporting Operation Christmas Child

with your prayers, resources, and talents!

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