Boiler Project Page

We’ve started to collect funds to replace our boilers.

The story started a few years ago. The costs of maintenance on bits and bobs on the system jumped up. For many years, the system didn’t cost anything except fuel. But in 2022 it was approaching $10,000. After one servicing, and determining at least one boiler needed a fix that would require an unknown about of time and cause possible damage, the tech said, “well, they don’t owe you anything.” and “they are at the end of their serviceable life.” So we engaged an engineer to spec our heating needs and he provided a detailed report and possible replacements.

We started asking for quotes and the two that we have in are just shy of $60,000. Consistory decided to ask for half and take from our reserves. So our fundraising goal is $30,000.

Many people are actively working on fundraising ideas, including “Guess who’s coming to dinner?”, chicken barbecue, bake sales, and the tried and true pass the bucket.

Domino vander Heeder in the foyer will keep us up to date on our progress.

UPDATE: 1/30/24: to date we’ve collected $2,567.

4/30/24: we are up to $13,745!

Domine vander Heeder says to turn up the heat.