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Financial Information

2018 Summary

We were blessed to finish 2018 being able to do the ministry that we wanted to do this year and not dipping into our reserves or investments. We received $147,294- across all the accounts. 90% of that came in through plate receipts (general donations).  The expenses were $128,000. A full financial report is available, see Pastor Jeff.
For 2019, our budget is about $125,000.

Giving Envelopes: what are they for? More than a way to keep your giving a secret- they are a way to register your giving for a charitable giving statement at the end of the year. 

            This is how it works: Each set of envelopes has a number that is assigned to a giver. That number is connected to your name by our Financial Secretary, Lewis Youmans. When you give, the envelope number and amount is recorded and passed on to Lewis. At the end of the year, you’ll get a statement for the IRS.  Using the envelopes is not required. If you don’t have envelopes assigned to you and you’d like some, pick up a box, note the number and let Lewis Youmans know who you are: name, address, and envelope box number.  

Financial Peace University

            FPU is a 9-week course on personal financial management by Dave Ramsey. You’ll learn how to budget, save for emergencies, pay off debt and save for the future. For more information see: http://www.daveramsey.com/fpu/

Ron Barnes has offered to facilitate again. We would like to meet on Sundays. But we need to hear from those interested in what works best for them for time and starting date. Please let Pastor Jeff or Ron Barnes know. $129.99 for first time, free for repeats. Scholarships are available- we don’t want anyone not to do it because of the cost. 

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