January 2020 News & Announcements

From the property committee

We Need Help Cleaning the Sanctuary 

     One of the sign-up sheets on the table in the foyer is for volunteers who wish to participate in cleaning the sanctuary for 2020.  After the flood, the property committee decided to ask for volunteers for this space as a way to reduce the expenses for cleaning our buildings. We are paying Tom and Kellie Rogers to take care of the parts of our building that experience extensive use every week.  With enough volunteers, we think we can take care of the sanctuary for worship on Sunday.  Guidelines and supplies are kept in the closet under the stairs.

      In past years, we have also asked for volunteers to clean other parts of our buildings, but at this time we are only asking for sanctuary volunteers. There will be certain times when volunteers will be needed for specific tasks which will be posted as necessary.  Last year, there were two people who cleaned the sanctuary all year.  It would be great to have more people involved to share the work in this very special space.

Consistory Meeting, January 9th, 7 p.m. (new consistory members will begin after their installation on the 19th).

Signups for committee and groups will be available for January 12th  & January 19th. Consider how you would like to help out: 

     Fellowship Committee: (also need a chairperson)

     Education Com: (also need a chairperson)

     Property Com: Leslie Hooper chair.

     Worship Com: Joan Youmans, chairperson

     Mission Planning Team, Tracie Anteman, organizer.  

There are other ways to help out too, including: cleaning the sanctuary for a month (see above), ushering, nursery, coffee hour, and reading Scripture.  

Our new Consistory will be installed on January 19th. Jonathan Meredith will serve as an Elder. Tracie Anteman and Bill Milak will serve as Deacons. We thank Susan Pendergast for her work and care as an Elder these past four years. 

Pastor Jeff will be away January 10 & 11 for a regional gathering to talk about the RCA’s 2020 Vision Team work. 

items of interest from the Leadership Team meeting: 

  • The finance committee and the Deacons plan reevaluate processes and accounts to match our capacity. 
  • Mission Planning Team is hosting a Red Cross Blood Drive January 24th
  • Property Committee is working on restoring Classroom #1, engaged a company to replace the smoke detectors as a course of maintenance. The PC continues to work on keeping the buildings clean and maintained. 
  • There is a desire to send out a newsletter in the coming month. If you have something to contribute, forward it to Pastor Jeff. 

Giving Envelopes are available. 

If you don’t have a box assigned to you, take an unnamed box and let Lewis Youmans know the number. 

How does it work? each set of envelopes has a number that is assigned to a giver. That number is connected to your name by our Financial Secretary, Lewis Youmans. Each Sunday of the year has an envelope. When used the amount is recorded with the number. At the end of the year you’ll receive a financial statement of the total giving. Only Lewis has access to the total amount of giving. 

Using the envelopes is not necessary as there are other ways to remain anonymous (cash) or receiving a statement for tax purposes (checks). But if you find it helpful, please avail yourself of them. Other questions about our process? Ask a Consistory member. 

Glasses for Guatemala

During OCC collection week, one of the donors spoke about a medical mission trip she will take in February.  She is a nurse and will be assisting doctors who will be performing eye surgeries and fitting patients for eyeglasses.  Your old glassed are needed!  Please leave them in the basket in the foyer by January 12.  Thank you!

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