Recovery from a Flood

People often say while standing in our building, “you must get flooded a lot.” We do- ’55, ’86, ’96, ’11…. and that’s just in living memory. And if history is any precedent,  we’ll be flooded again!

August 28, 2011 was exceptionally destructive. The water crested 8′ above the previous high-water mark. It pushed us into rebuilding the interior of the sanctuary and fellowship hall. In the sanctuary (b. 1786) we replaced much of the original interior structure and fortified the rest, like the balcony. The Fellowship Hall, which was built above the 100-year flood height, also needed rebuilding. We rebuilt with recovery in mind- including features like not using any laminated products (like plywood), waterproof wiring, and a basement that can be drained quickly. Next time, we plan on hosing everything down, drying out and keep going.

See some photos here. 
We sold cookbooks to support our efforts. They are now desirable since we’ve run out- so if you find one for sale, snatch it up!