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Reorientation/ Orientation Worship Service

This Sunday, February 10th, at 11 am we will be having a special worship service. We want to bless the Lord for  His goodness and provision to us since the flood of 2011. It will include prayers of thanks and petitions for our worship and mission, testimonies, and  brief survey of the layout and design of the worship space.

And we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. Please join us!

A rededication service will be held a Saturday in April- stay tuned for those details coming soon.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

In the recovery of our sanctuary, it is necessary to not only replace the sound system, but update its capabilities.

The new system will include; voice amplification, sound throughout the buildings, assistance for those with hearing loss, recording capabilities and wireless microphones.
The total cost of this system is approximately $ 15,000.

Good news! We have been awarded a $ 5000 “matching funds” grant from the O’Connor Foundation. By raising $ 10,000 along with this grant, we will cover the cost of the new system.

Donations may be sent to the MRC Recovery Fund, PO Box 112, Middleburgh, NY 12122.

Our goal is to achieve this by November 4.



And now.



They pushed up the balcony a couple inches in this spot- you can how the joint came back together.

We thank the Lord that the balcony stayed over all these years and through the flood- it could have been otherwise. But now it’s properly supported and held together to last much longer than any of us.

This is one of the many things that we’ve been able to improve on because of the flood. A blessing, for sure. It also points past to our material losses to God’s good provision and how God is interested in growing us up in Christ. After a while, we are able to stop whining and start giving thanks. Though it might take some time.

Balcony Work

The water barely touched the balcony, but it’s clear that it was in as much need to be repaired as the floor. Here are some of the pictures from today:

a girder beam from the wall to and a main support- steel saddle will be added to keep them from coming a part any further.

Joint- coming apart

most dramatic connection- or lack thereof.


another shot of it- a steel c-channel will be added though out, for the main carrying beams.


here is the angle iron added to keep the balcony attached to the wall and an LVL screwed to a beam to help with strength.

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