Cleaning Day in the Fellowship Hall

This is exciting- because it means that we are almost ready to open the hall for use!

                                                        Church Work Day information

Saturday, January 14, with your help, we will be one step closer to returning to our own building. The fellowship hall and foyer need a thorough cleaning before we can worship in this space.

  • All walls and woodwork need to be dusted with dry mops or rags.
  • All floors need to be cleaned—some of which will be some “on your knees” scrubbing.
  • Interior window washing will improve our view of the great outdoors.

Items in the sanctuary need to be cleaned and moved to make room for work in that space.

If you can bring any of the following, it will help with our joined effort to have

“many hands make light work”.

  • Dust mop
  • Wet mop
  • bucket
  • nylon scrubbers
  • window squeegee
  • Shop vac
  • clean rags
  • paper towels
  • work gloves
  • vinyl gloves

The planned work will vary in difficulty.  While we can use a few strong backs, there will also be things less demanding.  Some of our older children may even be able to help for part of the day.

This is a three-day weekend for many of us.  Please try to spend part of your Saturday in this cleaning effort as we work together starting at 8:30 AM for as long as we can.

A light lunch will be served

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