February News & Announcements

Sign up for committees will continue until 2/12, in the foyer.
Wednesday, February 1st: We are hosting a NET Dinner (Neighbors Eating Together), 5-6:30 pm. Come and eat with neighbors and meet new neighbors.
Consistory Meeting, Thursday 8th, 7 pm

Save the date of March 31 for our Second Annual Appreciation Dinner.  This year’s guests will be the employees and officials of the Village and Town of Middleburgh.  Please help the fellowship committee plan for the event by indicating by March 3 that you will attend.  (See the reservation sheet in the foyer.)

March 1st, Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent). Lent begins the 40 day preparation before Easter  (not counting Sundays). Traditionally Christians have engaged the time by taking up practices to remember their need for forgiveness and the work of Christ. Practices such as fasting and making a point of giving money away. This year durning Lent (starting a few weeks before) the sermons will be on the theme of the commonly known as “7 Deadly Sins,” or capital sins. The list was developed as a diagnosis tool for a spiritual checkup.

Ash Wednesday Ecumenical Service, 6 pm. The theme is “Room for Lent, Resting and Receiving” at the Middleburgh United Methodist Church Parsonage. All are welcome.

Regular & Ongoing 
Bible Study Thursday: 3:30-4:30 p.m. at Marian Lynes’ house

Operation Christmas Child
Shoebox gifts that we packed last fall are destined for distribution in Ghana, Mali, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Mexico.  Some may have already reached the hands of the children chosen to receive them.  Can you imagine the smiles, laughter, and shouts of glee as the children discover each of their treasures?

Pastors and other church leaders use OCC shoeboxes as a tool for evangelism.  Pray for these men and women who are devoted to sharing the Gospel with the young people of their countries.  Pray also for the shoebox recipients and their families.  May the seeds that are planted produce much fruit for the Kingdom!

Our goal for 2017 is to bless 300 children with a shoebox gift!  During the month of February we will be collecting toothbrushes for them.  (Multi-packs are desirable.)  There is a basket in the foyer for your contributions. Other gifts that will be needed for our packing party include pencils, pencil sharpeners, crayons, soap, washcloths, combs, and small stuffed animals.  Look for bargains while you are shopping!  Mary Lou will be happy to store the gifts you purchase.

Thank you for supporting Operation Christmas Child!

Mission & Vision Statement
As a way to clarify our life together and to be more intentional about being on mission we have been working on a statement that reflects who we are and want to be. This is a new revision after conversations and feedback. Thank you! We welcome hearing from you what you think. The next step is to develop particular and practical ways to live this out. The Statement Team: Joel Bramer, Sarah Bramer, Mary Lou Ryan, Jonathon Meredith, Pastor Jeff Kelley.

As the body of Christ the mission of Middleburgh Reformed Church is to demonstrate the transformative message of Jesus.
Our vision is to grow as disciples through prayer, worship education and service.

Elders: Susan Pendergast, Kim Smith, Joan Youmans. Deacons: Mary Lou Ryan. If you are in need of prayer or a visit, feel free to an elder or deacon as well as Pastor Jeff. If you, or someone you know, have a material need we may be able to help through our Benevolence Fund.

Pastor Jeff Kelley: jeffa.kelley (at) gmail.com

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