January News & Updates


Youth Education – 10 a.m. Classes PreK-Kindergarten, 1st-3rd, 4th-6th, and 7th-12th grade. Masks worn. Will not meet 1/16

Adult EducationSundays, 10 a.m. next topic TBD, will not meet 1/16

Nursery: help create a safe and comfortable place for families during worship- volunteer to be in the nursery! We need two people (unrelated) each Sunday to provide the space starting after the 2nd hymn until the last. 

Ushering: Would you like to help welcome people to worship? There is room to help on Sunday mornings. If you want to know more, see Pastor Jeff or a member of Consistory. No age or height requirements. 

2022 Collect your Giving Envelopes in the foyer.

But what are they for? More than a way to keep giving a secret- they are a way to track giving for the year so the church can issue a year-end giving statement for tax purposes. 

   This is how it works: Each set of envelopes has a number that is assigned to a giver. That number is connected to your name by our Financial Secretary, Lewis Youmans. When you give, the envelope number and amount is recorded by whomever is counting that Sunday then passed on to Lewis. At the end of the year, a statement is given to you when you file taxes. Using the envelopes is not required for giving. 

Need a box assigned? pick up a box let Lewis Youmans know your name, address and the box number.

Building Open: We have a new door access system that will be operational Monday. Doors will be open 8 a.m.- 9 p.m. If you need to get in outside that time, contact Pastor Jeff (and you won’t have to use a window). 

Consistory Meeting Thursday, 1/13, 6:30 pm. 

2022 Consistory
Elders: Jonathan Meredith, Mary Lou Ryan, Maria Funiciello 

Deacons: Leslie Hooper, Michele Becker

News from Operation Christmas Child

Shoebox Destination

The shoeboxes we packed in 2021 have begun their journey to Honduras, the second poorest nation in Central America.  One out of five citizens of that country live in extreme poverty.  Violent crime is very high there.  Other societal problems are a weak government, citizen insecurity, lack of respect for human rights, inequitable access to economic opportunities and social services, and the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

            We can imagine the joy that will flood the hearts of the Honduran children who receive our gifts and those from other churches, community groups, and individuals.  We pray that they will be blessed with things they need and things that are fun to play with, and that they will want to know more about the Greatest Gift of All.  It is our hope that when they are invited to participate in The Greatest Journey course, they will be eager to learn more about Jesus and how He changes lives for eternity!

            Vanessa, now an adult, was a recipient of a shoebox at a past distribution in Honduras.  She remembers the struggles of her family during her childhood:  keeping their home, having enough food, paying for tuition for the children to stay in school. Her family did not attend church, but Vanessa was invited by a friend to go to Sunday school where she first learned of Jesus’ unconditional love.  Although her parents were against it, Vanessa continued to attend church, eager to know more about Jesus.  She prayed nightly for two years that her parents would come to know Jesus too.  Then her father broke his back in a car accident.  Members of the church visited Vanessa’s home and prayed for her father to be healed, and he was!  Vanessa’s parents realized that the healing came from God.  They accepted Jesus into their hearts, and the whole family began to attend church.  One Sunday there was a special surprise for the children.  Vanessa received her very own shoebox filled with gifts.  She remembers that everything was shiny and new!  Like many recipients, she wanted to know who would send her such wonderful gifts as stickers, beautiful pencils, and fluffy socks.  Her mother answered, “Jesus!”  Vanessa’s shoebox was an affirmation of God’s love and of her worth to Him.  It filled her with hope.  Vanessa is a woman of strong faith today who serves her Lord and Savior with GREAT JOY!

Please pray that a new generation of disciples will be raised up from this year’s shoebox recipients!  

Giving with Gratitude  

$33 was collected in December to go toward the $9 donation requested for each shoebox to be used for shipping and ministry costs.  Thank you for GIVING WITH GRATITUDE!  If you wish to join this effort, collection containers for coins are by the offering plate.

Please Save

  • Christmas cards with religious pictures 
  • calendars (used or new) with nature scenes or pictures of animals or flowers

You may leave your contributions in the OCC box on the table in the foyer.  Thank you!

Thank you for supporting Operation Christmas Child

with your prayers, resources, and talents!

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