February 2021 N&A

Operation Christmas Child

Shoebox numbers are in for 2020.  A total of 9,113,853 gift-filled shoeboxes were collected worldwide!  Of that number 7,809,410 came from the United States of America.  Even in the midst of a pandemic, God’s people have provided a tool which pastors in some of the darkest areas of the world will use to share the Gospel.  We are blessed to be able to participate in this ministry!

February is our month to purchase toothbrushes for our 2021 packing party.  Our goal is to include at lease two toothbrushes in each of our shoeboxes.  You may leave toothbrushes in the OCC collection container in the foyer or make a donation toward purchasing toothbrushes in bulk.  You may give your donation to Mary Lou in person or mail it to her at 3701 State Route 30, Middleburgh, NY  12122.  Thank you for providing toothbrushes for children who may not have one or who may have to share one with others.

Last year we began a campaign called Giving with Gratitude to collect money to be used toward the $9 donation that is suggested for each shoebox to cover shipping and other ministry expenses.  Empty medicine bottles are available in the foyer for you to collect spare change.  A collection jar is located by the offering plate for your donation.  Since last fall, we have collected $59.  That is a great start toward our 2021 goal of sending a shoebox to 306 children and sharing the Good News of Jesus with them!

Gifts other than the one suggested each month are most welcome.  Don’t hesitate to purchase a bargain when you find one!  At this time of year you may find great deals on such things as winter hats and mittens or holiday stuffed animals.  Your “finds” may be left in the collection box in the foyer.  Thank you and happy shopping!

To sign up for the weekly emails that include prayer requests along with some announcements, the front page of the website has a signup form.

Some resources:

Pray as you Go: a 10 minutes daily Scripture reading, with music and questions. 

Book of Daily Prayer, praying the daily office, there are lots of options for this, but the online version serves up the appropriate readings and prayers for the day, https://www.dailyoffice2019.com 

M’Cheyne’s Bible year-long reading plan is available in the foyer or online: https://www.biblegateway.com/reading-plans/mcheyne/next 

Seasons, over the course of a year and a lifetime, call for different practices to help us be attentive to God’s work. How can you attend to those conditions so to cultivate new growth? We are stuck right now waiting until restrictions from COVID allow us to do more things. But now is the time to plan and wonder together. What is God stirring in you? How are we being called to bless our neighbors and community in the name of Christ? Who can you share this with? 

New Directory is available in the foyer. 

Giving Envelopes have been moved to the workroom if you need them. Ask for help if you can’t find them. 

Consistory Meeting, January 14th 

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