May News & Announcements

Christian Education for 2 classes: grades 4-6 & 7-12 has started Sunday mornings, 10:15-11 a.m. see Maria Funiciello or Jonathan Meredith with questions.

Extra Seeds: We have extra seeds for anyone who wants to plant flowers, vegetable and herbs- take what you could use from table in the foyer. If you have extra time and space but don’t need the produce, consider growing it to give away. 

Hannaford Fight Hunger Bag Program: For the month of May 2021, the food pantry will receive a $1 donation from each purchase of the $2.50 reusable Fight Hunger Bag at the Hannaford store located in Esperance (11140 Western Turnpike).

Food Pantry: Open Saturday 9-11 am and by appointment. (518) 827-7121

To sign up for the weekly emails that include prayer requests along with some announcements, the front page of the website has a signup form.

Consistory Meeting, May 13th

News from Operation Christmas Child

Bryce’s Story

            Bryce, now a teenager, is from the Philippines. He received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox when he was four years old.  Although his family was not Christian, his mother encouraged him to attend the church where he had received his gift to learn more about God.  At seven years of age, Bryce gave his life to Christ.

            Receiving a shoebox gift led to a transformation in Bryce’s whole family.  As he learned more about our Heavenly Father’s love, he shared what he was learning with his parents and brothers.  His mother says, “Before that shoebox, we did not know God.  Our life was just full of traditions.  I am so grateful for the person who packed that shoebox.”

Giving with Gratitude 

$29 in change was collected in April to go toward the $9 donation requested for each shoebox to be used for shipping and ministry costs.  Thank you for GIVING WITH GRATITUDE!  If you would like to join the effort, empty medicine bottles are available in the foyer and the back of the sanctuary.  A container for your contribution is found near the offering plate in the sanctuary.  You may trade in your full bottle for an empty!

Harvest Bazaar- Save the date of September 18, 2021 for the Harvest Bazaar to benefit Operation Christmas Child.  

Purchasing Gifts
Suggested to purchase in May is WOW gifts for 10–14-year-old girls.  WOW gifts are those larger gifts that may last for a considerable time.  Since they last over time, they continue to remind the child of God’s love.  WOW gifts for older girls include such things as a soccer ball and pump, a Barbie doll, an outfit, craft kit (no liquids), advanced coloring book and colored pencils….  Ask your daughter or granddaughter of that age for more ideas!

You are encouraged to purchase other needed gifts when you find a good deal.  An inventory of gifts needed for our 2021 packing party is on the table in the foyer.

Thank you for supporting Operation Christmas Childwith your prayers, resources, and talents!

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