April 2021 News & Announcement

Property Help

The Property Committee is responsible for getting our grounds ready for the mowing season. Sticks need to be picked up and stones from the driveway need to be raked off the lawn areas. We could use extra help because this is a big job. A work day will not be scheduled–just come when you can–stay as long as you like-many hands make light work.  Thank you.

Flower Power
As a symbol for our new life in Christ, let’s plant some seeds! The idea is to grow cut flowers to beautify our space and share with others- and help is needed. There is opportunity do everything from seed to cutting. If you are interested in helping let Pastor Jeff know by April 18th. Knowing who’s up for this will help make plans about the size of this project. 

Benevolence Fund is available to help with needs. We’ve used it for things ranging from rent to clothes. Contact a deacon or Pastor Jeff for more information. 

Food Pantry: Open Saturday 9-11 am and by appointment. (518-827-7121) 

To sign up for the weekly emails that include prayer requests along with some announcements, the front page of the website has a signup form.

Building Use is limited while COVID infections are high in the community. No social use and a maximum of three groups/ week. 

Consistory Meeting, April 14th

News from Operation Christmas Child

Alyona’s Story

                  Alyona grew up in Ukraine.  She was orphaned at a young age and lived with her grandma.  When her grandma could no longer care for her, Alyona was sent to live with her sister.  Tragically, Alyona’s sister developed cancer and died a few months later.  Alyona was then sent to an orphanage.

                  One day before Christmas, one of the caregivers at the orphanage invited Alyona to go to church with her.  At a special service, Alyona received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox.  “It was like opening a chest of gold!”  says Alyona.  She remembers that everything in her shoebox was clean and new with a fresh smell.  One of Alyona’s favorite gifts was a little stuffed lamb.  She felt her shoebox was God’s way of giving her hope.

                  When Alyona was 12, she was adopted by a woman from the United States.  One day at church Alyona was surprised to see her new church family getting red and green shoeboxes to fill.  She realized that they were the same kind of boxes she had received!  

Today Alyona is a spokesperson for Operation Christmas Child.  Alyona knows the great impact a shoebox can have on a child’s life and encourages us to keep packing!  She thanks shoebox packers for sharing God’s love with children around the world.

Giving with Gratitude  

$61 in change was collected in March to go toward the $9 donation requested for each shoebox to be used for shipping and ministry costs.  Thank you for GIVING WITH GRATITUDE!  If you would like to join the effort, empty medicine bottles are available in the foyer.  A container for your contribution is found near the offering plate in the sanctuary.

Harvest Bazaar

                  We are pleased to announce that we are planning to host the Harvest Bazaar on September 18, 2021 to benefit Operation Christmas Child.  Please feel free to share your ideas with members of the Fellowship Committee.

Purchasing Gifts

                  The suggested gift to purchase in April is stuffed animals.  You might find some bargains at the after Easter sales!  You are encouraged to purchase other needed gifts when you find a good deal.  An inventory of gifts needed for our 2021 packing party is on the table in the foyer.

Thank you for supporting Operation Christmas Childwith your prayers, resources, and talents!

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