Church Treasurer

Church Finance Manager- 
We are seeking a Finance Manager to work with Consistory so that the mission and ministry of the congregation are supported and strengthened. The right person for this role will be comfortable with the basics of accounting, self-directed to ensure timely fulfillment of duties and committed to the mission of the MRC. Computer skills and experience with financial software preferred. The current Treasurer will work with the new person, as much as possible, during transition. This is a part time responsibility, encompassing an average of an hour per week, depending on church activity and time of year.
The general responsibilities include: 

1. Ensure that all bills and church expenses are paid on time, keeping accurate records of how funds are spent and assigning expenses to proper budget categories.     

– this includes payroll for church employees and any necessary payments for benefits, insurance payments, missionary pledges, monthly bills, reimbursement of one-time expenses

2. Prepare accurate monthly reports prior to consistory meetings indicating activity of the General Fund (and reserve funds if necessary). 

3. Work according to the guidelines established by the Consistory (ie, reporting schedule, expense tracking, expense approval procedure).

4. Participate with the Finance Committee and Consistory in preparing the annual budget and reports for the annual congregational meeting. 

5. Ensure there are adequate records documenting the assets of the church for insurance and other purposes. 

6. Oversee transfer of fund to and from investment accounts (if necessary). 

7. Complete necessary audits in insurance policies (average of 3 per year).

8. Ensure that all governmental taxes, reporting forms, and regulations are met on a timely basis. (Quarterly IRS filings, W2/W3 forms

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