October News & Announcements

Mugs & Muffins Bible Study, continuing Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 for just over six-weeks reading Ephesians together, on the patio or inside in the Fellowship Hall. 

Youth Education:  Plans are being developed to help families, including options of in-person and resources to use at home.

The Study Hall at the Fellowship HallThanks to everyone who offered to help. The word is out and we are waiting to see if any students need to make use of it. We’ll keep it out there for another month or so and see how things go. Many different scenarios could play out where this would be helpful to families in the MCS district- so thanks for keeping this in mind.  

2021 Budget: The Finance Committee and Consistory will begin working on the budget for next year. While it is a best-guess about our spending, we do use it to set our priorities in a practical way. Committees are being asked to think about what they hope to do in next year, and if it requires money, they can request it to be included in the budget. 

Consistory Meeting, November 11/12

Annual Meeting December 6th after worship. 

Ham Supper: this year we will not be hosting our annual dinner. The major factors for this included: 

  • not being able to seat people in the hall (or- it would take a long time to seat the usual numbers with the given restrictions), 
  • preparing and serving together with the given restrictions 
  • not knowing what November will look like. 

Financial Reportavailable on the print copies

Worship, Life Together & Restrictions 

As we to journey through this time of the pandemic, we continue to adjust how things are done. Sunday worship is our central gathering time as a congregation, so we are trying to accommodate each person who wants to participate. Our seating in the sanctuary is a challenge. We are bumping up against fitting everyone with the prescribed distance. So be mindful of 6’- about a two arm’s length. We will work to seat others in chairs around the space. We are also working out how we can use the foyer and the hall. We’ll continue to stream the service for folks staying at home. The State has plans for rolling restrictions as cases emerge. It does not call for houses of worship to ever be closed, but the number of our gatherings could be curbed. We’ll follow whatever we are asked to do as we value setting a good example and loving our neighbor given that we will still be able to worship, though we may have to get creative how that happens. 

As we try to care for one another in this time, the church has funds available to help with financial stress, along with recommended counseling services, and spiritual nurture. You can check out the website for a start under RESOURCES.  

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